We pray because we want to know God and because God answers prayer. We pray because God brings joy to our church through prayer. Isaiah 56:7And I will…make them joyful in my house of prayer.

Prayer Cards can be filled out at the prayer wall in the back of the sanctuary and placed in the request box. These handwritten cards will be prayed over regularly.

Pastoral Prayer is available at times of surgery, difficult circumstances, or the loss of a loved one. One of our Pastor’s will call or meet with you and your family to pray with you personally.

Personal Prayer Time in the Sanctuary is available Monday-Saturday, 6 am – 11 pm. You can reserve a 30 minute, or a 1-hour time slot every week, other week or once a month. Complete the prayer request form below to request your time.

We have prayer partners that will pray personally with you at the end of most services.

It is critical for those who are praying to be encouraged by answered prayer. Please let us know on the praise section of the card at the prayer wall or by contacting us.