We will strive to be an encouragement to God, to one another, and

encourage people to do what is right according to God’s Word.


We will strive as individual believers and as a corporate church to live

for the Glory of God!


We will strive to develop a “house of prayer” by praying as individuals

and corporately.


We will foster an atmosphere of God’s presence and power desiring

our congregation and guests to say, “God is there”.


We will strive for our entire congregation to participate with unity in

singing praises and worship to God.


We recognize families as the most important entity in society. We will

help support families in their spiritual growth.


We will assist adults, youth, and children by teaching them to grow in

Bible knowledge.


We will encourage people to be involved in Fellowship Groups to create

community and unity.


We will strive to facilitate outreach to friends, work associates, the

needy, community, and the world. We believe the most effective

means of evangelism is people inviting people.


We will strive to exercise generosity with our time, talent, resources,

and finances.


We want to care for people in our congregation by rejoicing with them

in their successes and encouraging them through their sorrow.


We are one expression of God’s kingdom and honor other Christ

centered Bible teaching churches.