God put on the heart of Pastor Jerry Lewin to start an outreach centered church in August 2006. Crosspoint Church started in rental facilities available only 3 hours on Sundays. The church desperately needed to find a location that could facilitate prayer, youth meetings and offices seven days a week. After observing the late night scenes of human brokenness & drunkenness on Main Street. Pastor Jerry and another man from the congregation walked up and down Main Street and located a potential ministry location.

Pastor Jerry went back to the congregation and asked if they would support this type of outreach model.  The decision was unanimous. There was only one problem, the space was an old gutted out liquor store and needed lots of repairs. The people of CrossPoint took on the project and gave of their finances and time. It was an improvement to Main Street and the community. We called it "The Point". After growing to two services in this space, the Lord opened a new door for us.

We moved into the newly renovated Old St. Boniface Church in West De Pere. It had been gifted to St. Norbert College and named Dudley Birder Hall. They put 1.7 million dollars in restorations and we moved in on Easter Sunday 2013.

In January 2014 a call came from another church in De Pere who had outgrown their building and desired to sell the property. After much prayer and deliberation, our trustees and pastors along with the congregation made the decision to purchase the 3  year old church building with 2 acres of property.  With much joy & gratefulness we now have a church home  at 1880 Southbridge Rd. on the west side of De Pere. 

We would love to have you come and visit and pray about making Crosspoint Church your home church!